Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hi Guys,
As promised, these are some pictures from my vacay, this was the 2nd day in the city, I wore my ST Weddings Tee and my trusty plimsoles/converse or whatever they're called.
We took the train, then the subway, Lagos definitely needs some express  trains pronto, very smooth ride, then we took the subway.
We noticed that almost everyone wears sneakers in the city, even women in power suits, so much walking around, comfortable shoes are key and of course we had to get Dunkin Donuts, Simpsons had me salivating throughout my childhood.


                                     Goofing around the Rockefeller Center, such a beautiful spot.
             The Concrete jungle , releasing my inner Alicia Keys (lol)

 *These Tees are for sale, so if you're interested, you can contact me or send me a mail at

Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vacation Mode

Hi Guys,
I've been ( still am) on a mini vacation right now,as my sister steph said, even CEO's need a vacation (lol). Heading out, I didn't think I would be on vacation from my blog as well but alas, the Reign of laziness began, so many cute outfit posts and such and such planned but we know what happens to the best laid plans.

I didn't have a definite idea writing up this post, but i think i shall share some travelling  tips/tricks/nuggets I've picked up over time (mostly from my mother and sisters).

1) Always get to the Airport 3 hours before time of flight.

2) Always set your watch to the time of every country you get to, with the clock at the airport, the automatic update on your phone can be an hour late or early.

3) Always use the restroom when you find one, could save your life!!!

4) Always wear comfortable shoes !! you never know when you'll need to RUN.
don't know how these celebrities do it in heels.

5)  Be nice to people, you never know who's going to have that useful information you'll need.

These are the top 5 I can come up with off the top of my head,  travelling is an adventure, be it local or international, I wonder if people become complete pro's at it, hope to become so, one day,very soon.

To Frequent Successful travelers i doff my hat.
I'll be putting up some pictures soon, till then

Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you.


Monday, August 18, 2014


Hi Guys,
so i've been tagged for the very first time by Mide of
I'm both excited and anxious, not especially fond of answering questions about myself, lets see how it goes .

Are you named after someone? :
No, my name was inspired

When was the last time you cried? :
I believe, it would have to while watching Best Man Holiday, towards the end, got so emotional.

Do you have any children? :

If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself? :
yup, I'm an awesome friend.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? :
To name a few, Roasted yam, Fried yam, nollywood movies , I'm never guilty about eating chocolate.

Do you like handwriting? :
Yes, the neatness of my script makes me smile.

What’s your favourite cereal? :
Fruit loops.

What’s the first thing you notice about people? :
Their Hair and nails.

What’s the colour of your eyes? :

Scary movies or happy endings? :
Happy Ending forevuuur

Favourite TV show? :
So hard to choose, will have to go with 2 broke girls, Friends with better lives and Come Dine with Me.

Winter or summer? :

Hugs or kisses? :
Kisses *wink wink*

Special talent?
My mama calls me the "finder", 'cos i'm good at finding missing things

Where were you born? :
Lagos, Nigeria.

 Love Reading fiction, takes me to some many places
Watching TV; its an art that so few understand .
Shopping; be it food, clothes, shoes, books, also includes window shopping
Garment and Outfit construction.

Do you have any pets? :
No, we used to have cats, but they got left behind in the move.

Favourite movie(s) ?
Really can't say

What colour is your car?
Cherry Red in Jesus name.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Happy and Fulfilled.

I am pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed answering the questions, did the best i could.
Unfortunately, i have no one to tag as everyone i know has done this already, o well, maybe next time.

Live in Love and smile, Jesus loves you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hi Guys,
Today i'm doing my first ever style feature, don't know if it's something i'll continue doing, but enjoy.
This is MIDE COKER, of Mide Coker .com 
 I've known her a while and we've become cool friends .
I think since I've known Mide, shes's been a blogger, her blog was one of the first personal style blogs I followed and may or may have not influenced me to start up my blog.
If I was asked to define her style, I would use words like, Risk taker, Fashion forward, vintage lover and Ankara/African prints enthusiast.

Did you guys enjoy this post? yay or nay to the style feature,
To see more of Mide's fine self, check out and follow her blog; MideCoker .com

Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you.



Friday, July 25, 2014

Nice Surprise.

Hi guys,
A while back I reviewed a book by John Greene,HERE, "looking  for Alaska", I really enjoyed the book so I went on to read several from the same author.
One of the books that moved me to tears was "The fault in Our Stars", and I am  not easily moved to tears (or am I ? ) so it was really something.

 I don't know if its just me with the very visual mind, but that book and its characters came alive in my head and I totally loved it.
Fast forward 7 months, the book has been made into a MOVIE !!!,  I'm am so excited, although I haven't yet seen it, I imagine it will be awesome and deeply emotional, while it was showing, I was too deep in the storm that was examinations to go see it, but I watched the trailer over and over again and it was almost everything I had imagined while reading the book.
I really hope the director and producers didn't mess with the dialogue too much because that was what made the book so interesting and captivating in my opinion .
Have you guys seen it? Read the book?, tell me how it was, awesome or wishy washy. let me know what you guys think.

Been a while I did a proper book review, one coming up very soon *wink wink*

Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi Guys,
It seems like forever since I've been on here, like a totally different person has occupied the space in my head, but that's talk for another day.
I've never really fancied flower prints, always got a "mummy" vibe from them, but this top for some reason caught my fancy, maybe because I hadn't bought anything in ages , who knows, so I paired it with jeans for a casual day of stuffing my face with nice food and drinks.
Originally intended to pose by some flowers and greenery but was convinced by some professionals to go with the concrete, it would've been  flower overkill, glad I didn't.

                                                                      It's good to be back !

Thanks Olamide and Korede for the pretty pictures *kisses*

*Run your race according to your speed, never be in competition with anyone but your past.*

Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you,



Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hi Guys,
You may have noticed from my birthday post, my HAIR,  in so much as i love colour, I am generally not an adventurous person when it comes to my hair colour, colouring, bleaching , dyeing my natural hair is out of the question, so when i found this lovely black and wine weave, easy to manage, went for it .

I got a lot of compliments , weeks and weeks after and i totally LOVE it.

People are becoming more and more adventurous with colour, seen green, blue, pink of the ombre effect, well not in Lagos as of yet but I'm sure it won't take long to get here.

Would you consider blue/green tips? Kylie Jenner makes it look too cool but ...........

I don't normally put in much effort to go to class, i mean its class, but today was yearbook picture day so haay, still went very natural but polished (i think).

Got these nice pictures courtesy my darling Olamide of Mode Juridiue  and Mide Coker Photography.

Yay to colour bombs or black forever ?