Friday, August 16, 2013


Filled to bursting point
My thoughts and opinions 
Coursing through me
In a bid to conform
and keep the peace,
I hold my piece
deep within my core
'till I find a place of solace,
so open and free
Finally, I'm liberated
to share with all and sundry
that which I have boxed in for so long,
Only to discover, I was not alone
The truth of Life is naked and Unashamed,
Converse,Converge, Engage

Hi guys, this is my first entry for the #LOVETNC competition, please, please, please, comment and share, I really hope this gives me a winning chance, see y'all on the flip side
             princess xx


Today post is about an unsung hero, my no 2 fav of the kardashian trio,kourtney ( no 1's khloe) kardashian, i simply adore kourt ( yes i famz) with her tiny stature, lustrous hair , natural look an her sense of style, she kinda reminds me of my smallie.

Signature look

pretty  Armenian

well, you can actually read it HERE

my personal best shot
Oh So Polished, don't you think.

The "DISICK" Family

Cuuute Mason

Mama:s still got it
Some fun facts;
-  kourtney's  middle name is Mary
- She's a health nut of astronomical proportions !!! ORGANIC EVERYTHING
- She's shacked up with a man 4 yrs younger than her and they're having a blast
- She drinks melted butter in the morning ( seen on an eps of kim & kourt in Miami ) bleeeh

Well folks, that's all for now, i'm sure my fellow KUWTK fans enjoyed it, I think that family's just awesome, more than 7 seasons !!! not an easy feat and its all been very entertaining, keeps me watching every sunday evening anyways.

   Enjoy your weekend
          princess xx