Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hi Guys,
As promised, these are some pictures from my vacay, this was the 2nd day in the city, I wore my ST Weddings Tee and my trusty plimsoles/converse or whatever they're called.
We took the train, then the subway, Lagos definitely needs some express  trains pronto, very smooth ride, then we took the subway.
We noticed that almost everyone wears sneakers in the city, even women in power suits, so much walking around, comfortable shoes are key and of course we had to get Dunkin Donuts, Simpsons had me salivating throughout my childhood.


                                     Goofing around the Rockefeller Center, such a beautiful spot.
             The Concrete jungle , releasing my inner Alicia Keys (lol)

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Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you.