Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brace Face

Hi guys,
As you all know, i'm a brace face, because of my braces i have had to endure some pretty weird, annoying and funny conversations, from those that are angry because "i'm tying my teeth , so as not to eat and lose weight", to those that call me "Alhaja" because they like my gold teeth, sigh.

While growing up, i used to watch this cartoon, Brace Face,the theme song went like this "brace face !, my life is complicated!, boyfriends!!!, teenage!", that's all i can remember, lol. 
This song came to my mind, the first time a boy told me he "was liking me" because of my braces, i was gobsmacked to say the least, i couldn't understand the attraction, i guess it falls under the purview of the saying " To each, his own ".

I'm not sure why, but towards the end of the year,i begin to reflect on the different foods i can't eat or eat well because of my braces :(

1) Coconut chips ( that orange wrapper 1)
2) Chicken/ turkey bones ( especially the top of chicken laps,*tears*)
3) Kokoro, ( those long, crunchy stuff, not sure what it's made of )
4) Sugar cane (used to chow this alot growing up, sugary goodness)
5) Corn on the cob and coconut :(

I'm super tired of my braces but hopefully i'm taking it out soon, counting down ,so i'm bidding my time and to all my braces lovers, God be with you.
Have a lovely weekend all, remember the reason for the season,

            princess xx

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello my people,
Compliments of the season!!!
To all who celebrate Christmas, that time of the year has come again, all the  schools (4 schools) in my estate have done their carol services , causing traffic but generally filling the streets with not so melodious but precious voices of children singing carols they don't understand, lol.

It's almost 4 days to Christmas, i haven't done my Christmas hair, or gotten my Christmas outfit, nor bought all my Christmas presents, however, i'm not freaking out(yet), a testament to how much I've grown (athink).

I love Christmas, what it stands for, how people are generally happy and mellow, it brings out the best in many of us ( and those hallmark movies on DSTV).

In my house, we stay indoors on Christmas day(asides church) and generally enjoy each other's company and any family member or friend celebrating with us. 

Because we stay in, we bring in what's out there, into our home, as my sister always says, the success to any party/function , is good food (*wisdom nugget*), without food, who will have energy to dance well at your wedding and keep spraying money for hours, or clap and laugh during the speeches and lectures, hmmmmm.

This year, we have planned an Indian infusion :D, mayhaps its all the Master chef Australia we've been watching, so we're all working towards that *excited*

What do you and your loved ones have planned for the holidays? please share with us,

*on the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me.............*


                            princess xxx

Saturday, December 14, 2013

SHILOH 2013.

Hi guys,
For the past few days, I've "been at  Shiloh. For those of you who don't know what Shiloh is, it's the annual gathering of God's people, the Winners family ( Living Faith Church Worldwide).
I couldn't go to Cannanland (ota) but i watched the night sessions Live at the viewing centre near my house , thank God for my 21st Century church.
It was an explosive time in God's presence to say the least. As i was pondering on what my latest blog post would be, i deemed it fit to share my life changing experience at Shiloh with you guys *exceeding grace* hehe.
My church is famous for our yearly prophetic phrases/ greetings, 2 years ago, it was "Glory", for 2013, it was "double portions, next levels"

Member A : *see's a brethren * good morning my brother, Double portions
Member B :  *replies* Next levels
Member A:  Next levels?
Member B : Double portions .  All this with a fat grin, well on my part.

For 2014, its "Exceeding grace, strange works, strange acts, exceeding grace", i'm very excited, can't wait to start saying it.

Shiloh was packed with testimonies, hundreds were experienced everyday, all over the world. 173 nations were tuned in to experience Shiloh, is God not Wowing?
A striking testimony, this lady from Cameroon had been on wheelchair for 6years, she couldn't move her legs, talk less walk , she came to cannanland and on the Shiloh ground, she was liberated, she WALKED to the altar and as papa ( Bishop Oyedepo) touched her, she started JUMPING!

Yup, God is Real, you can get the Shiloh messages on Domi Radio i think, and there's a winners online store, goggle will guide you, it's not to late to partake of the blessings.

Jesus is Lord.

princess xx

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Toke Makinwa - December 2013 - BellaNaija 06

Hi guys,
This is another episode of Toke moments, lol, just kidding,
Now seriously,i'm not really a radio person and maybe that's why i hadn't  heard about sensational  OAP Toke Makinwa. 

Towards the middle of the year, i found her or rather she found me, my sister showed me her vlog  and we watched it together, it was simply hilarious and so true & real. The kind of things nobody wants to tell you in plain english, and she says it all in such a way that keeps you coming back for more.
Since then, Toke has been everywhere , and i mean this literally, every event, wedding, twitter, adverts, 2013 has been good to her.
And she does all this, looking gorgeous, she really hasn't done any wrong in my books, she has loads of haters ! ( just check out bella naija comments on her, lol) but i don't care and she doesn't let that put her down.


Toke at Weddings

Toke at Peter Okoye's wedding.

Toke Makinwa, makeup by Joyce Jacob
Toke at Tiwa Savage's wedding.
 # morning rose,  #tokstarr,  #aso-ebi bella,  #partylikearockstar,  #iro&bubba,  #dollface, # tokemoments,  #fabulous .

I'm a big fan, i don't care about her haters, if you don't have them,your nobody (_ Tuface &MI).

you can watch her vlog HERE

Have a lovely weekend all,

         princess xx

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mall Without Walls

Hi Guys,
There's this feeling i get whenever i go to a typical nigerian market, or i'm just passing by, i think it's fascination,fascination with the redness of the tomatoes, the hustle and struggle of the market sellers and buyers, if i was a photographer, my first shoot would probably be a market scene.
Recently, i saw a post written by a friend of mine, Kodichi Anibogu , a very interesting and active young lady, in which she captured my "fascination" with the market scene, and she has agreed to share  it with us today, yaaay.
I know some people do not go nor pass through the market, to those who do, relate and share please and to those who don't , let this be a peek into that window

I have always wanted to write a piece about the glories of shopping in Yaba and now I can.
I remember the days when the lagos government tried to bring that market down. Those traders by the railway were sent away and their stalls destroyed. But did they give up? NO!!!
As Nigerians are known for resilience and perseverance, the traders rose above the destruction ...and simply moved to the opposite railway (let's hope Lagos Government has no more plans).
There's quite a lot to be said about Yaba : it is divided into so many sections. There is a place for new shoes, another area for OK shoes. There's a blazer section as well (fashion forward).
The most interesting thing to most unilag girls is the night life, not in a social sense. Yaba at night may be likened to a magical fairytale land where all items of clothing drastically reduce in cost.
Its basically a case of Diploma expensive by day and UME affordable by night. (I'm UME so that's not a sly in any way)
An example would be buying a shirt from one of them at 3pm for an affordable enough price only for  his wears to be sold at 200 naira each by 6pm (a case of "had I know", my ex ISL mates should get that joke)
Yaba remains an awesome place where anything and everything is sold, from ankara to abacha (igbo kwenu :D).
 Most good things have a teeny tiny glitch; the TRADERS.(Use of capital letters is so well deserved for their annoying assault and battery tendencies!!) Yaba boys have a disease which compels them to touch/hold every girl that they come across(eww).
These guys will just grab you and be like "come see my shop" "you want jeans,top?" So frustrating.
Don't even get me started on the "dollar,gold" mallams. They'd come at you and be like "you wan sell gold?" (Like I can even recognise real gold). They even try to touch you and you will see girls avoiding those grasping appendages like the plague.
Let's go to the beauty segment now, am I the only one who sees those garishly made up women with the rouged cheeks and "clipped weavon" eyelashes???!!!! Then they have the audacity to ask if you if "you wan fix eyelashes?" hell no!!!!! I wish I could retort. Not when it looks like you bonded weavon to your eyelids.
Please never make the mistake of carrying your natural hair uncovered, all the women will be on your neck saying things like "fine girl you wan make your hair?". And once again I'm too respectful a person to scream back "Noooo!!! Can't a girl just take a break from the fixings, weavings, bondings,clippings and attachings ??!!" I also cant say that bcos its a mouthful.
 My happy place in yaba has to be the novel sellers, they have everything from romance to fantasy to horror (which I do not care for)
Of course if you are a fantasy lover its a painful pleasure because they never have the sequel to a series.
And that's my tall tale(not meaning a lie here but a lengthy expose ) on yaba, why we love it and why we hate it, the fashionable and downright disgusting aspects of that mall without walls. Ciao.

I hope y'all enjoy it as much as i did and don't hesitate to leave you thoughts and comments.

Have a blessed week,
      princess xx

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hi  guys, this is just a casual post, sharing some nice pictures of me in a few of my (new) favourite things with y'all, I know i'm no Naomi Campbell but i'll give myself an A for effort right?  
My "transition" hair, which i LOVE
The Neck piece, from my mama <3
My studded jeans; love at first sight hehe.
**These pictures are my first try at editing so enjoy (hehe)
*** it came to my attention that ze blog was in need of a "touch up", soo voila, what do we think? Hit or miss (with the new design)
Have a great week guys
princess xx

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hi guys,
I haven't really read anything interesting in a while, but last week i finished reading a book, " LOOKING FOR ALASKA" by John Green, I would like to think of myself as an adventurous reader, in the sense that i can read any and everything but when i'm reading for pleasure i find myself hung-up on my fav authors and not really open to the new.
I'm not sure how i stumbled on John Green, i think a search on 4shared but i decided to get all his books that i could find and started with this one.
The writiing technique was interesting, dating the novel by "days ago", so it all seemed sort of reflective.
The book was based on the life of a young boy in search of "the great perhaps" with an interest in last words of dead people, he decided to leave his dreary high school in Florida and transfer to a boarding school to start afresh, leading him on a journey filled with escapades , romance, what one would normally expect from young teenagers and much more.
 I really enjoyed the book and would encourage you guys to read more form this author, I even picked up some new and interesting words to add to my vocabulary.
 The thing that struck me the most I think, is this young boy deciding to change his path and go in search of something greater, realizing that there is more to life than a dull existence and that's something that we can all relate to ( I think).


* Never settle because of fear of change ,there's always something better for you on the other side and you'll miss out of an awesome adventure if you don't try.

              princess xx.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Most people believe in the existence of a  higher being, be it God, Allah, Buddah, the Force, people believe in all sorts of stuff (Scientology ?) and to that i say,to each his own.
I, am a daughter of the wonderful living GOD, and this month is my month of praise aka Thanksgiving.
So many things happen in our lives that can make us debbie-downers but Jesus always makes me smile so why won't i dedicate a post to thanking Him.
Some people wait until they're faced with their mortality before taking cognizance of the realness of God, the Bible says  "In  ALL  things  give thanks", not just when you get some free money or a bonus at work, during ASUU strike and outside ASUU strike, when it looks like the glass is half empty, give thanks and the lord will fill you up.
Its so easy to just lay about and be depressed over things that are beyond your control and that's where we should pick ourselves up and be grateful that although Some things have been lost, ALL is not lost, we still have a today and a tomorrow.
This is not a sermon, if i'm coming off as preachy, it can't be helped.

As we approach the end of this year, be thankful for your life, health and loved ones, if not for anything but the "gist' that the world was to end 2012 ,lol

"You can't see a Future in your future and be depressed"-Bishop David Oyedepo


   princess xx

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Emma Watson.

Hi guys,
My hair has been on my mind lately,I still have my ghana weaving on, but I've quickly grown tired of it, fellow ghana weaving sisters can understand, so the question of what next to do has been bugging me yeah.
Since Emma Watson's (Hermoine) big chop, I've been loving the pixie cut and then Anne Hathaway's, its almost like the Universe has been trying to tell me something, anyways i'm all geared up to Pixie up but i still get some uneasiness, like, i hope I don't look like a boy, do i have to have makeup on all the time now?, will i look stunning? ( wink, wink).
For someone who hardly ever does short hair and having long hair myself, this is a big step, so to ginger myself, i look at pictures of some lovely pixie cuts to boost my resolve

Anne Hathaway

Nneoma Okpara

Toke Makinwa  ^_^

So what do we think, to pixie cut or not to pixie cut, that is the question,
Have a lovely weekend.

princess xx

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2013 - Red Carpet and Street Style from Day 1 - October 2013 - BellaNaija064

Yvonne Ekwere

Sunny Rose LFDW 2013 (2)\

Sunny Rose LFDW 2013 (4)
Chrisie Brown LFDW 2013
Ella and Gabby LFDW 2013 (2)

Ella and Gabby LFDW 2013 (4)

Hi Guys,
So I did a midnight post about my GTB LFDW 2013; Day 1 ( and only) experience, where i was super excited, unfortunately the post lacked pictures, so i decided to post some of myself, photographed on the Red carpet by Bella naija and Ono bello ( yay me), as well as Runway looks from my top 3 designers of the day.
My outfit took me a while to think up, but I think it was a good look, don't you? The neck piece and bag are ST Colours (por).
*Runway pictures are courtesy .
Late but still enjoy

             princess xx

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hi guys,
Today, i'm sure I had one of my 2013 highlights ,I got to go for GTB Lagos Fashion& Design week, I know for some this is a "smallie" but as for me, was super excited,still am.
My sister (love you st) got me a ticket for Day 1 on the D day, was going about my biz ness with no thought of going ( better soup na money kill am) then i got a call from her confirming my pass, to say i I was joyous is an understatement !!
After being happy and thankful !,my first panicky thought , "o God, what will I wear", mehn was  I "worried|", having never gone for fashion week and wanting to make proper use of the opportunity, I thought and thought for HOURS until I got my outfit, classy with a touch of African inspired if I do say so myself.
I went with my blogger friend, Mide Coker of Mode Juridique, who already planned on going and we had a swell time !!, I was literally too excited to stand still, although the event started almost 2 hours late it still didn't dampen my mood, I was that excited, saw some cool people but the stars of the show were definitely the DESIGNERS.
The Designers featured today were, Soboye, Kinabuti, Alter Ego, Xclamation, Wana Sambo, Ella & Gabby, Wisdom Franklyn, Kola Kudus,Sunny Rose and my personal favorite ; Christie Brown !!!
The clothes were so beautiful and inspiring,I was seriously in awe, my top 3 were, Christie Brown, Ella & Gabby and Wana Sambo( i think), too many great pieces.
The models were actually a show on their OWN both male and female, they way they walk,bounce, glide, sway,bend over backwards lol, it was all lovely,
You may have deduced from the tone of this post that I'm  still super excited, about to go to bed but just had to share with you guys, no pictures for now as my phone pics were too bleeh (hehe).

Have a lovely night, stay blessed

                princess xxx

Saturday, October 19, 2013


PHOTOGRAPHY : BLA PHOTOGRAPHY (aka my brother,* proud smile*
Hi guys,
hope we all enjoyed the Sallah Break, I did !!
This is what I wore for my friend  Tunji's sallah party, which was a BLAST. As usual i had  no idea on what to wear, when in doubt I wear black, which  I LOVE.
The lovely neck piece is courtesy ST Colours  PoR (hehe).

Please follow this blog, it's super easy (JOIN SITE Icon on the right), leave a comment ,it'll mean a lot  to me,  Y'all have a lovely weekend

*disclaimer , i'm not a personal style blogger, but a Blogger of all trades *big grin*
                         princess xx

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In life, we always hear people say stuff like , "mehn, i just need a lucky break" or " i just need someone to believe in me" and even "i just want an opportunity to prove myself". We might have even found ourselves saying such things or things along this line, the funny thing is that opportunities arise right in front of us and we are unable to grab them, not because we're not looking but simply because we can't see the "fertilizer in the dung" so to speak.

For example, you're going on about needing a  serious job , and then you get a Broadcast message aka the annoying bc, detailing out particulars on a lucrative position which is pretty good, instead of jumping at it, you dismiss it and go to tweet and update your status about annoying people that send bc's, it doesn't dawn on you that this is a missed opportunity until you meet up with your girl, who's got a good job because she responded to those annoying broadcasts.

I watched a movie again recently, Evan Almighty and something Morgan Freeman (acting as God) said stuck with me, he said " when a man asks God for courage, He doesn't just give him courage but an opportunity to be courageous, when he asks for a chance to change the world and to do so will require one Act of Random Kindness (ARK)",  "God" gave him the opportunity to build an ark that saved so many people from a broken dam . I found the revelation of all this sooo DEEP!.

So guys, wherever and in whatever you're doing(or not doing) open up your minds to the possibilities for opportunities even in the bleakest of scenarios ( ASUU strike, day 100) and you'll be pleasantly surprised, if you still think they're none to be had .............


I bid you all best of luck in all your endeavors and hope you do seize some opportunities, please share with us in the comments,till next time;                                                                            
princess xx

Friday, October 4, 2013

16 Things

Dear future boyfriend/husband
I have graciously given you these guidelines "expo" to understand me and all my "awesomeness" better.
I love God, so don't ask me to compromise my faith!!
 I love fooood, this you must have noticed lol, the way to my heart is quicker through my stomach -_-
When we fight buy me pastries, forgiveness will be given to you on a platter
I have numerous moods that I don't even understand, so bear with me.
I say a lot of stuff I don't mean, dunno how you will figure that out.
I like to go out a lot
I don't do PDA*the Nigerian in me*, but I could hold your hand once in a while
I don't want to know about your previous relationships. The past is the past, let's leave it there
I don't like to talk when I'm angry, please don't think I'm shutting you out, I just need to calm down.
I give very horrible straight faces.
I don't know how I feel about surprises.
I can be clingy.
I love shoes, clothes, bags and all. Doesn't mean I'm materialistic but they are some of the good things life has to offer.
I prefer to have lots of male friends.
I talk a lot.
I love being pampered when I'm sad

 These are the things you should know, well some of them, did you really think I would tell u everything, lol. Xoxo

Hi guys, this was sent in by my friend who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, hehee, it all started from random tweets of hers, which she collated and sent to me, can totally relate to some of the things on here, can you?  The "realness" of it all made me laugh .
Hope y'all enjoyed  this,
**If you enjoy fashion , quality stuff & easy shopping with free delivery , then you'll love @AJEBOMARKET, please follow on twitter & like their Facebook page.
       princess xx

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Green Light

So much has been said and is being said about the state of this nation Nigeria, from the vagueness and unsatisfactory behavior of Mr President, to the fact that 53 years after independence we still do not even have constant electricity.

I've been thinking a lot about the word INDEPENDENCE, which is synonymous with freedom, emancipation, liberation and so on, the first scenario that comes to mind is that of the Independent Woman:, i can't really remember the artiste that sang the song but its really mostly a scam, i'm all for women emancipation and equality but really 80 percent of females who say this, are either dependent on their parents, boyfriends, husbands, family members and even strangers, be it from fixing the pumping machine, to carrying out the empty gas cylinder, to paying for drinks, food, clothes, phone bills and even personal items and they be strutting about claiming independent woman!!. I know i'm not a part of this 80  percent as I'm dependent on my parents who pay my bills and i'm definitely open to freebies of all kinds and amounts :D .
In my mind , I view Nigeria as a young prosperous person,who got their wish for legal emancipation , shrugged off the trustees and  fell in with a bad crowd  from which to leave could result in a sort of death
There are so many questions to be answered ,  no one willing or capable, just old men grappling for power to an era where they do not belong, for money they would  die & leave behind with a trail of sadness and sorrow. The time has  definitely come for a change from Amber to Green light for Nigerian youths!! I'm not a politcal animal, so i'll stop here.
 Not much else to say but God Bless Nigeria & the whole wide  world .

 Love an pray for your country
            princess xx