Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hi guys,
Today, i'm sure I had one of my 2013 highlights ,I got to go for GTB Lagos Fashion& Design week, I know for some this is a "smallie" but as for me, was super excited,still am.
My sister (love you st) got me a ticket for Day 1 on the D day, was going about my biz ness with no thought of going ( better soup na money kill am) then i got a call from her confirming my pass, to say i I was joyous is an understatement !!
After being happy and thankful !,my first panicky thought , "o God, what will I wear", mehn was  I "worried|", having never gone for fashion week and wanting to make proper use of the opportunity, I thought and thought for HOURS until I got my outfit, classy with a touch of African inspired if I do say so myself.
I went with my blogger friend, Mide Coker of Mode Juridique, who already planned on going and we had a swell time !!, I was literally too excited to stand still, although the event started almost 2 hours late it still didn't dampen my mood, I was that excited, saw some cool people but the stars of the show were definitely the DESIGNERS.
The Designers featured today were, Soboye, Kinabuti, Alter Ego, Xclamation, Wana Sambo, Ella & Gabby, Wisdom Franklyn, Kola Kudus,Sunny Rose and my personal favorite ; Christie Brown !!!
The clothes were so beautiful and inspiring,I was seriously in awe, my top 3 were, Christie Brown, Ella & Gabby and Wana Sambo( i think), too many great pieces.
The models were actually a show on their OWN both male and female, they way they walk,bounce, glide, sway,bend over backwards lol, it was all lovely,
You may have deduced from the tone of this post that I'm  still super excited, about to go to bed but just had to share with you guys, no pictures for now as my phone pics were too bleeh (hehe).

Have a lovely night, stay blessed

                princess xxx

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