Saturday, October 19, 2013


PHOTOGRAPHY : BLA PHOTOGRAPHY (aka my brother,* proud smile*
Hi guys,
hope we all enjoyed the Sallah Break, I did !!
This is what I wore for my friend  Tunji's sallah party, which was a BLAST. As usual i had  no idea on what to wear, when in doubt I wear black, which  I LOVE.
The lovely neck piece is courtesy ST Colours  PoR (hehe).

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*disclaimer , i'm not a personal style blogger, but a Blogger of all trades *big grin*
                         princess xx


  1. I love!!! Ur braids, smile and the neck piece.
    I didn't enjoy my sallah break bcos there was no sallah(reasons not to attend a Christian school)

  2. Loove your hair.
    You look great.