Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In life, we always hear people say stuff like , "mehn, i just need a lucky break" or " i just need someone to believe in me" and even "i just want an opportunity to prove myself". We might have even found ourselves saying such things or things along this line, the funny thing is that opportunities arise right in front of us and we are unable to grab them, not because we're not looking but simply because we can't see the "fertilizer in the dung" so to speak.

For example, you're going on about needing a  serious job , and then you get a Broadcast message aka the annoying bc, detailing out particulars on a lucrative position which is pretty good, instead of jumping at it, you dismiss it and go to tweet and update your status about annoying people that send bc's, it doesn't dawn on you that this is a missed opportunity until you meet up with your girl, who's got a good job because she responded to those annoying broadcasts.

I watched a movie again recently, Evan Almighty and something Morgan Freeman (acting as God) said stuck with me, he said " when a man asks God for courage, He doesn't just give him courage but an opportunity to be courageous, when he asks for a chance to change the world and to do so will require one Act of Random Kindness (ARK)",  "God" gave him the opportunity to build an ark that saved so many people from a broken dam . I found the revelation of all this sooo DEEP!.

So guys, wherever and in whatever you're doing(or not doing) open up your minds to the possibilities for opportunities even in the bleakest of scenarios ( ASUU strike, day 100) and you'll be pleasantly surprised, if you still think they're none to be had .............


I bid you all best of luck in all your endeavors and hope you do seize some opportunities, please share with us in the comments,till next time;                                                                            
princess xx

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