Friday, October 4, 2013

16 Things

Dear future boyfriend/husband
I have graciously given you these guidelines "expo" to understand me and all my "awesomeness" better.
I love God, so don't ask me to compromise my faith!!
 I love fooood, this you must have noticed lol, the way to my heart is quicker through my stomach -_-
When we fight buy me pastries, forgiveness will be given to you on a platter
I have numerous moods that I don't even understand, so bear with me.
I say a lot of stuff I don't mean, dunno how you will figure that out.
I like to go out a lot
I don't do PDA*the Nigerian in me*, but I could hold your hand once in a while
I don't want to know about your previous relationships. The past is the past, let's leave it there
I don't like to talk when I'm angry, please don't think I'm shutting you out, I just need to calm down.
I give very horrible straight faces.
I don't know how I feel about surprises.
I can be clingy.
I love shoes, clothes, bags and all. Doesn't mean I'm materialistic but they are some of the good things life has to offer.
I prefer to have lots of male friends.
I talk a lot.
I love being pampered when I'm sad

 These are the things you should know, well some of them, did you really think I would tell u everything, lol. Xoxo

Hi guys, this was sent in by my friend who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, hehee, it all started from random tweets of hers, which she collated and sent to me, can totally relate to some of the things on here, can you?  The "realness" of it all made me laugh .
Hope y'all enjoyed  this,
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       princess xx


  1. Lool, girls are sooo funny, I can totally relate

  2. I agree with the PDA. dude come on we are in Nigeria!!!!!!! And this Lagos is too small, u wont even know when u r spoiling your own market..

    1. lool @ spoiling market, fish in hand is better than fish at sea oo