Saturday, December 14, 2013

SHILOH 2013.

Hi guys,
For the past few days, I've "been at  Shiloh. For those of you who don't know what Shiloh is, it's the annual gathering of God's people, the Winners family ( Living Faith Church Worldwide).
I couldn't go to Cannanland (ota) but i watched the night sessions Live at the viewing centre near my house , thank God for my 21st Century church.
It was an explosive time in God's presence to say the least. As i was pondering on what my latest blog post would be, i deemed it fit to share my life changing experience at Shiloh with you guys *exceeding grace* hehe.
My church is famous for our yearly prophetic phrases/ greetings, 2 years ago, it was "Glory", for 2013, it was "double portions, next levels"

Member A : *see's a brethren * good morning my brother, Double portions
Member B :  *replies* Next levels
Member A:  Next levels?
Member B : Double portions .  All this with a fat grin, well on my part.

For 2014, its "Exceeding grace, strange works, strange acts, exceeding grace", i'm very excited, can't wait to start saying it.

Shiloh was packed with testimonies, hundreds were experienced everyday, all over the world. 173 nations were tuned in to experience Shiloh, is God not Wowing?
A striking testimony, this lady from Cameroon had been on wheelchair for 6years, she couldn't move her legs, talk less walk , she came to cannanland and on the Shiloh ground, she was liberated, she WALKED to the altar and as papa ( Bishop Oyedepo) touched her, she started JUMPING!

Yup, God is Real, you can get the Shiloh messages on Domi Radio i think, and there's a winners online store, goggle will guide you, it's not to late to partake of the blessings.

Jesus is Lord.

princess xx

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