Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello my people,
Compliments of the season!!!
To all who celebrate Christmas, that time of the year has come again, all the  schools (4 schools) in my estate have done their carol services , causing traffic but generally filling the streets with not so melodious but precious voices of children singing carols they don't understand, lol.

It's almost 4 days to Christmas, i haven't done my Christmas hair, or gotten my Christmas outfit, nor bought all my Christmas presents, however, i'm not freaking out(yet), a testament to how much I've grown (athink).

I love Christmas, what it stands for, how people are generally happy and mellow, it brings out the best in many of us ( and those hallmark movies on DSTV).

In my house, we stay indoors on Christmas day(asides church) and generally enjoy each other's company and any family member or friend celebrating with us. 

Because we stay in, we bring in what's out there, into our home, as my sister always says, the success to any party/function , is good food (*wisdom nugget*), without food, who will have energy to dance well at your wedding and keep spraying money for hours, or clap and laugh during the speeches and lectures, hmmmmm.

This year, we have planned an Indian infusion :D, mayhaps its all the Master chef Australia we've been watching, so we're all working towards that *excited*

What do you and your loved ones have planned for the holidays? please share with us,

*on the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me.............*


                            princess xxx


  1. Christmas is sooo close!
    Like you, no hair or new clothes but I got meself an Xmas present(self love, hehehe).
    My family stays in on Xmas day too. I think its nice prolly cos I'm used to it. Lol.

    Merry Xmas in advance!

    1. you know !, self love is key
      Think we started staying in "cos everywhere was crowded, too used to it now as well

      Thanks so much, a joyous season to you :)