Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brace Face

Hi guys,
As you all know, i'm a brace face, because of my braces i have had to endure some pretty weird, annoying and funny conversations, from those that are angry because "i'm tying my teeth , so as not to eat and lose weight", to those that call me "Alhaja" because they like my gold teeth, sigh.

While growing up, i used to watch this cartoon, Brace Face,the theme song went like this "brace face !, my life is complicated!, boyfriends!!!, teenage!", that's all i can remember, lol. 
This song came to my mind, the first time a boy told me he "was liking me" because of my braces, i was gobsmacked to say the least, i couldn't understand the attraction, i guess it falls under the purview of the saying " To each, his own ".

I'm not sure why, but towards the end of the year,i begin to reflect on the different foods i can't eat or eat well because of my braces :(

1) Coconut chips ( that orange wrapper 1)
2) Chicken/ turkey bones ( especially the top of chicken laps,*tears*)
3) Kokoro, ( those long, crunchy stuff, not sure what it's made of )
4) Sugar cane (used to chow this alot growing up, sugary goodness)
5) Corn on the cob and coconut :(

I'm super tired of my braces but hopefully i'm taking it out soon, counting down ,so i'm bidding my time and to all my braces lovers, God be with you.
Have a lovely weekend all, remember the reason for the season,

            princess xx


  1. I've considered wearing braces, not to fix my teeth but to try n lose weight but my parents almost chopped my head off!
    I didn't even consider what I would look like in them or how I would eat n talk.

    You look nice in yours.

    1. lol, which weight?, Girl you look GOOD!

      Thanks :), didn't like mine at first but it grows on you

  2. You actually look good in them. I even need them because my dentition is just jaga jaga but neveerrrr, I have refused to get it.

    1. lol, thanks :D, getting them was kind off a big deal, has to be sth u really want and need, if not, FRUSTRATION