Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hi guys,
I haven't really read anything interesting in a while, but last week i finished reading a book, " LOOKING FOR ALASKA" by John Green, I would like to think of myself as an adventurous reader, in the sense that i can read any and everything but when i'm reading for pleasure i find myself hung-up on my fav authors and not really open to the new.
I'm not sure how i stumbled on John Green, i think a search on 4shared but i decided to get all his books that i could find and started with this one.
The writiing technique was interesting, dating the novel by "days ago", so it all seemed sort of reflective.
The book was based on the life of a young boy in search of "the great perhaps" with an interest in last words of dead people, he decided to leave his dreary high school in Florida and transfer to a boarding school to start afresh, leading him on a journey filled with escapades , romance, what one would normally expect from young teenagers and much more.
 I really enjoyed the book and would encourage you guys to read more form this author, I even picked up some new and interesting words to add to my vocabulary.
 The thing that struck me the most I think, is this young boy deciding to change his path and go in search of something greater, realizing that there is more to life than a dull existence and that's something that we can all relate to ( I think).


* Never settle because of fear of change ,there's always something better for you on the other side and you'll miss out of an awesome adventure if you don't try.

              princess xx.


  1. Have you tried any of clive cussler's books?

  2. I've been looking for this book!! I really want
    to read it :( . Did you get a hard copy or a
    soft copy? I want :(

    1. Aww, got the hard copy from 4shared, very easy, just signup and download free, worth the megabytes. :)

    2. Sorry downloaded *soft copy* from 4shared

    3. Please can you remember the link? Can you just give me that. I thought 4shared was for music. Lemme check it out. Thanks a lot.

  3. Replies
    1. hi, this is the link for loking for alaska,
      didn't find it when i searched john green, but when i searched the title, it popped up,
      Hope this helps