Saturday, November 16, 2013


Most people believe in the existence of a  higher being, be it God, Allah, Buddah, the Force, people believe in all sorts of stuff (Scientology ?) and to that i say,to each his own.
I, am a daughter of the wonderful living GOD, and this month is my month of praise aka Thanksgiving.
So many things happen in our lives that can make us debbie-downers but Jesus always makes me smile so why won't i dedicate a post to thanking Him.
Some people wait until they're faced with their mortality before taking cognizance of the realness of God, the Bible says  "In  ALL  things  give thanks", not just when you get some free money or a bonus at work, during ASUU strike and outside ASUU strike, when it looks like the glass is half empty, give thanks and the lord will fill you up.
Its so easy to just lay about and be depressed over things that are beyond your control and that's where we should pick ourselves up and be grateful that although Some things have been lost, ALL is not lost, we still have a today and a tomorrow.
This is not a sermon, if i'm coming off as preachy, it can't be helped.

As we approach the end of this year, be thankful for your life, health and loved ones, if not for anything but the "gist' that the world was to end 2012 ,lol

"You can't see a Future in your future and be depressed"-Bishop David Oyedepo


   princess xx


  1. People often focus more on complaining than being grateful to God.

    Thankful heart.

  2. You know !, a thankfulk heart is really what we all need

  3. I love Flo's twale!!!!
    *singing* Even if i have a million tongues it will never be enough, to give you twale!!!