Friday, July 26, 2013


Hi guys,  July 22nd was my friend Temilola's birthday , so me & the gang sojourned to her place for a parlor party , i have to say it was definitely a journey of love , especially since her house is at the end of THE WORLD (jk but it's really far) but thanks to copious directions & the good lord , i did'nt get lost

Here are some pictures,
                                 birthday girl in the center

                                eyebrows of life
                               shine bright like a like a Diamond 
goofy gurls

I'm not really a picture person , like taking pictures is the last thing on my mind when I'm out , got these from my friends & i think they turned out fine.

Anyways, we had loads of fun, kicking it old school with musical chairs, ''Temi says'' & some choreography ( khona khona khona).
 Have a great weekend guys

      princess xx

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