Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hi guys, its been a minute!!

Recently I saw this video by Flavour (belly dancer :D), in case you have no idea who Flavour is, I'll describe him as the IGBO whizkid  without the snap backs, lol , that guy with the signature waist whinnying move,(not Kaycee) a bit like  FALLY  IPUPA ( where IS that guy though) , it seems like Flavour is hard to describe anyways he's the prominent IGBO flavor in the Nigerian Music industry, in my humble opinion and I'm yet to meet any Igbo person who doesn't appreciate his talent, Ndi Igbo Kwenu !!!

 Back to the video ,whilst  watching it on TV, i realized that few non- igbo people experience the beauty that is an IGBO traditional wedding, "IGBA NKWU" . As the ceremony is traditionally held in the bride's village hence discouraging loads of people, the journey to the East aint no walk in the park, and that's why I decided  to post this awesome video because everything is just so real and beautiful , a true reflection of a  very important aspect of the Igbo culture

Enjoy, comment and share :)

Not sure why this video is not visible on the mobile site,but it is visible on the other mediums, will look into that , in the mean time, here's a link HERE  

Have a lovely weekend,
princess xx

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