Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hi y'all
  Today's post is my 2nd entry for the  #LOVETNC competition, hopefully it stands a chance to(seal the deal hehe) be a winner. This was actually my first attempt,but i got so inspired to do the "poem",so i went with that first

I got hooked on TNC due to the sheer persistence of my friend, Kofo  @iamkofogbadey, she wouldn't , couldn't stop talking about this site !!! for weeks on end, finally i succumbed to this unpaid publicist and ventured to see what it was all about.

The first post i read was from season 2 of 43 Fafunwa,here  it was HILARIOUS, I was actually in the library  studying for finals and i was literally bursting at my seams with laughter, nobody had to tell me to subscribe to daily posts and the rest they say is history.

Needless to say, i also became a raging advocate for subscription to this well of inspiration and fun,I mean the amount of work and talent that goes into the posts and the brand is simply amazing.
I'm just going to highlight some of the posts I enjoyed immensely and hope you guys enjoy with me

 The most recent on my list is the Aso-ebi series HERE, LOVED every installment, could hardly wait for Thursdays to come, i confess, while in my Conflict of laws class, it was the panacea to my boredom.

Another highlight for me was definitely the Love Letters special presented valentine's week i think, I cried, laughed, reminisced and reflected, it was truly something to look forward to in that tedious period, it came in 10 installments , the Genesis HERE.

For people like me who don't really watch the news nor read  the papers except there's some scintillating or amazing record breaking event , The Weekly Rounds is just my cup of tea, both informative & educative with just the right splash of comic relief.

 "I like the fact that they try as much as possible to interact with the youth in the most naked way possible through their shows" - kofo (@iamkofogbadey).

I'm not a techy person at all, but i've put this little collage together with love ( with help from my brother)
  :D :D
This is IT !!!, I hope these 2 entries will be enough to convince and not confuse the TNC team that I should be the No1 winner, :D ( fingers crossed).
 please comment and share guys, thanks

                                        #LOVE(me some)TNC. ;)

        princess xx

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