Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hi Guys,
  Today I'm talking about MAKE-UP, yes makeup, not the the products individually but the complete package
Yesterday, i put up a natural picture of myself as my dp, and my friend immediately pinged me, to ask if the situation was so bad that i couldn't use makeup, even saying i looked like a house girl, imagine my surprise, me that i thought i was looking as cool as ice and that got me thinking.
 Every woman i know has their different regimen, from those who like the "barely there" effect, to those who can't let a single pore on their face show, the maids that use black lip liner and clear gloss to attract "sule" to the Big girls that can't be caught dead without their eyebrows and ruby woo, and I realized, without us knowing, a wave of "makeup obsession" had come upon us.
Makeup has become like a god to some people, spending hours working their faces like contractors planning an estate, i mean little girls without a single spot are covered in a boatload of foundations and powders, making them look oh so sophisticated and older, thereby attracting attentions of MEN not boys which they can't handle. I remember growing up, i was like 12, begging to use my sister's lip gloss, clear lip gloss ooo, see ela of life, this is a story for another day.
Too young.

I'm not passing judgement or anything, seeing as I'm not opposed to looking all smooth and perfect, i just can't help but notice that things are not as they used to be, mayhaps its because makeup up has become a source of empowerment for women financially with the rise of numerous indigenous brands, resulting in female distributors and retailers as well as makeup artistes. This new era of makeup also gives women an added confidence and security that really can't be bought.
I wonder what the hundreds of females who post countless videos on perfect ( and not so perfect) eyebrows,makeup, contouring and such did before now.
That being said, makeup is too much fun to deprive yourself, so enjoy it as much as you can , it's not a sin.

Do you believe in MAGIC ;)

**  Maquillage means Makeup.

Have a lovely weekend and week ahead, pls comment your thoughts, opinions, share and follow this blog
Princess xx


  1. hahaha it was me!
    im the friend!
    finally famous

  2. @ Mide, ,caught sub at last i see
    already famous puhlease

  3. Nicely written piece. And the last picture is simply magic. OMG... same person?