Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 75

Hi guys,
Today I'm just gonna be talking about what's new with me.
 Being in public UNI has made me  one of the thousands of victims of the ASUU strike, yes, I'm a VICTIM , its been more than 70 days of idleness , i mean, this govt doesn't even care that an idle mind is the devil's workshop sha.
 On the plus side, PixieInc  was born and of recent I started driving lessons, of course with a manual car, thankfully not a beetle, hopefully at the end of this I won't have yams on my left leg ' cos clutching down is definitely a work Out !!
 Some people have really been involved in some awesome projects during this period ; working in firms, at magazines, starting blogs & such, "learning a trade" , starting online businesses & altogether just expressing themselves creatively & business wise, all making for great viewing really.
I think the most common event is the weight gain, yay/nay?  

Till there's a resolution, pls put the ASUU strike in your prayers &                 VIVRE LE RESISTANCE 
** pls do check out this website, 
Have a lovely week. 
                            princess xxx

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  1. Nice work on d blog dear, i can relate to d clutch issue, thankful i didn't grow yam legs cos i learnt with a beetle(lool), The strike will be off soonest,