Saturday, September 28, 2013


Until recently, i never gave much thought to my skin, skincare products, makeup and all that, recently meaning the past year, i guess I've been experiencing some growing pains ( sad face). Having always had beautiful clear skin, thank you Baba God, having blemishes was alien to me and i was totally unprepared for it. I usually just used any lotion i found at home, be it Jergens, Vaseline lotion ( & even the jelly) , any product my mum an my sisters used i just "shared" and I was good to go Yo lol.
My friend (Odun)  always says Growing up is a TRAP, i would just laugh but with every passing month and birthday, the truth in that statement begun to hit me hard! I'm definitely no longer a spring free chick.
 And sooo, like any serious minded young female (and male), i became conscious of the needs of my skin and began to  make efforts to restore .
My sisters helped a lot and made me realize that what I was going through was kinda in my genes, hence reducing my "freak-out-athon" , so guys before going off a bend about changes in your skin , try talking to a member of your family about it, you may be surprised at what you would find out.
As for me, BIO OIL has become  part of my daily routine, started using it for an iron burn on my thigh then my whole body with amazing results, my complexion has evened out an my skin looks GREAT.
However i don't use it in isolation but with my normal lotion and stuff.
This is IT 
So this is my secret, guys please share your beauty tips and tricks in the comment box and please, do follow this blog, thanks
**Fun Fact, Kim k is also a big fan of Bio oil
*** The hair on my head is mine (big grin), will be doing a post on that real soon, so watch this space ;)
Have a lovely weekend
                                  princess xx

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