Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hi guys,
who loves fried chicken? i love fried chicken,i do , i do, i do oooo, lol .
well, i saw this picture on my bbm updates as well as on my twitter timeline, its actually the caption that got me rolling.
Now to my analysis of the situation, all this food can't be for one person, can it? so its not the pain of one but the pain of a group or a couple.
Let's be honest, if this was you, what would you do? apply the 10 second rule? dirty no dey kill black man, walk away as a cool kid, break down in tears? go back into the shop and demand for another other as the slip and fall was due to the negligence of KFC or some other crazy legal ground or just go back in and beg.
I'm serious when i say this picture made me THINK, think about how i react in tricky situations, how people react.
Living and transporting myself around lagos, i've been opportuned to watch reactions of  people in so many different scenarios, from the woman whose basket of tomatoes fell  from a bus then went to start slapping the driver,to the little girl who  lost her slipper to the gutter and started wailing like death, and it never ceases to interest me.
I always try to keep calm and not over think things , however in such a situation ( KFC picture), i think i will feel it like a physical blow, can't lie .
How would you react ?, Sure most of y'all have seen it before now, please do share your reactions, thoughts.
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Have a great week.


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