Sunday, February 16, 2014

No 1

Hi guys,
I believe family is the back bone of every community, they're your friends, support mechanism and no 1 cheering squad. 
Last Saturday, my whole family went for my baby brother's inter house sports thing, he's the sports champion in my family, always bringing home lots of medals *super proud*.
This is his last year, so we went to cheer and support, i believe my cheers personally led to his winning one gold and one silver *big grin*. 
His school is also my alma mata, so i saw a lot of my teachers, seniors,juniors, friends and classmates i haven't seen in ages, it was really nice, unexpectedly enjoyed myself a lot
obi, the champ.

big smiles with mama.

ze Obi Men

cheering squad.

 STcolours in lovely ST weddings Tee( available on konga).

with pretty Amsy & Anwuli.
err, sporty attempt?.

How do you guys feel about family outings and events, i know (from movies), people abroad are big on such stuff, is it the same with Nigerians? Does your family go all out?
Us being there made my brother so happy as i'm sure with the other kids there, parents should never be too busy, riight? right.

Have a great week y'all,