Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hi guys, 
Have you guys noticed how everywhere you look, someone has a "look book" out or having a photo shoot? People are trying to make professional pictures random and this is so not right.
I love looking at GOOD pictures, i like the effort that goes into a Photo shoot,the flow of creativity, the freedom of expression, the opportunity to do something out of the norm and still have the pictures come out looking fabulous as opposed to when you use your phone (eek).
Maybe it's because i'm not great at "posing", 4 shots and i'm good, so i appreciate the value of a sequence of good pictures, i have pictures on my phone from 2011, crayzay lol, had to go on a deleting spree.
Well, saw these cool pics, the model's actually my sister, (isn't she pretty, happy kid of life )and i thought to share with you guys; enjoy

   So, what do you guys think ?, want to know your thoughts


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