Wednesday, April 2, 2014

African Thunder Storm

Summer nights,
so hot and long,
mosquitoes humming,
the symphony of generators.

All of a sudden,
a startling light,
a rumbling sound,
the palms be swaying,
the dogs be barking.

The air pervaded with  the sweet burgeoning smell of rain,
so welcome,
so earthy,
the sweet sweet breeze, caressing my heated flesh,
a quick word of thanks,
to Him who heard my pleas for the cool.

Hi guys,
This post was inspired by one of my numerous hot nights, which was  saved by sweet sweet rain.
It came to me as in a dream, hehe and a poem i learnt in my English Lit class also titled African Thunder Storm.
 I can't remember the name of the poet but it was in the African poems category and the descriptive quality of the poem was so poignant, it has stuck with me for over 4 years.
Have you ever been been so struck by a piece of poetry that it sticks with you, or it's all just over your head, if, i would love to know , pls do share with me.


                                               live in love