Sunday, July 28, 2013


Anyone who knows me can testify that for the past 2, almost 3 yrs, I've been Ankara crazy, i would literally wear an ankara accessory everyday, be it my earrings, bangles, hairband, sandals, bag or my outfit. Asides from the fact that i was & still  totally in love with the different prints and the "africanicity"  of it all, i have an enabler aka my dealer or should i say my Ankara Santa in the person of my sister; Stephanie Obi

Stephanie Obi is the founder of ST colours, which is an Ankara inspired Tees and accessories brand,that provides Afrochics with an avenue to express their unique style. St colours is all about incorporating our African culture into our everyday life through our outfits, from sth as small as an earring to a handbag, giving the wearing a uniqueness of style.
 Here are some of her beautiful products

 she can be reached by ;  BBPin:2633E9CA  Phone:+2347039533600  or go to her website,

St colours also organizes training for anyone
 interested in learning how to make ankara accessories, go to her website for more info

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  1. Princess!! i just found your blog from mide coker's blog!! yaay Imiss you!

  2. Awwww, kunmi baby, all grown up !! Miss u too girlie