Thursday, August 1, 2013


Seated here
Surroundings strange but familiar
Something different but normal
Never have I experienced such
Never will i experience such again

Laughter really is a balm
In the most uncomfortable of situations
It smooths out the pain, the anger
the frustrations, the need to weep

Where i find myself now;
a result of choices and decisions
made by me,
then, without a care for repercussions

Yesterday, a week or a year ago
is the clay of our today and tomorrow
God is the potter,
he shapes and forms
I am the designer,
where i press my hand,
there will be a dent.

I wrote this a while back, when i was an avid writer, then, i would literally be inspired by any and everything, it was so awesome,my juices no longer flow so readily  but i think i still got it ( wide smile).

Hope someone can relate to this and feel it as much as i do.

pls,pls, pls leave a comment , so i'll know these views are real, thanks guys

           princess xx

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