Friday, August 2, 2013


I will have to admit, until recently, I've not been a big fan of "scandal" aka the Fixer, the turning point came one fateful evening, when due to boredom, i decided to watch an episode.

The thing or rather person that caught my immediate attention was OLIVIA POPE, to be concise, her clothes.After Michelle Obama, the character of Olivia pope, played by Kerry Washington has to be the my definition of a classy lady( asides the fact that she's the president's mistress of course )

From her perpetual perfect hair ( which must be a weave or an amazing wig), Nude makeup, beautiful clothes, understated yet expensive jewelry and accessories, down to her always heeled feet (never flats), Olivia scores a 10/ 10 in my books.

                              * It's handled* 

These pictures don't really show off the awesomeness of the clothes but you get the picture, I think this style appeals to the Lawyer in me. The stylist's definitely doing a great job as the character hardly wears bright colours, mostly pastels, neutrals and white and she's still able to look good, big ups!
*Kerry's face/ facial expressions can be scary but hey she just hooked a hot American-Nigerian ball player, so she must be doing somethings right, riiight.

Hope y'all enjoyed this, please do leave a comment,
        princess xx


  1. I don't watch Scandal
    But I'm considering it now because of this post
    Love the clothes!

  2. @ Mide Happy Watching :) , a good wadrobe makes life more interesting

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