Wednesday, August 7, 2013


                                                 ze couple ( so in love)

ze beautiful bride

                                                yup, she got them dimples


my smallie

guess who caught the bouquet ?

Hi guys, 3/8/13 was Damola and Tunde's wedding, and we turned up in grand style if i do say so myself, it was a lovely event and i wish Damola and Tunde a blessed union and decades of joy.
As i'm still not big on taking pictures, don't have a lot to share, hope y'all enjoy my tiny offering.
This was my first proper GELE this year and i gats say it WASN'T easy, omo, beauty is indeed pain oo, many dropped theirs, but me and my G; odun persevered to the end, for reasons known to us (wink wink)
Having caught the bouquet, i'm patiently waiting for my engagement ring,hidden in loubs,placed in my white range, lol ( jonz) but srsly  E fit be u oooo

Have a lovely long weekend
          princess xx

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