Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vacation Mode

Hi Guys,
I've been ( still am) on a mini vacation right now,as my sister steph said, even CEO's need a vacation (lol). Heading out, I didn't think I would be on vacation from my blog as well but alas, the Reign of laziness began, so many cute outfit posts and such and such planned but we know what happens to the best laid plans.

I didn't have a definite idea writing up this post, but i think i shall share some travelling  tips/tricks/nuggets I've picked up over time (mostly from my mother and sisters).

1) Always get to the Airport 3 hours before time of flight.

2) Always set your watch to the time of every country you get to, with the clock at the airport, the automatic update on your phone can be an hour late or early.

3) Always use the restroom when you find one, could save your life!!!

4) Always wear comfortable shoes !! you never know when you'll need to RUN.
don't know how these celebrities do it in heels.

5)  Be nice to people, you never know who's going to have that useful information you'll need.

These are the top 5 I can come up with off the top of my head,  travelling is an adventure, be it local or international, I wonder if people become complete pro's at it, hope to become so, one day,very soon.

To Frequent Successful travelers i doff my hat.
I'll be putting up some pictures soon, till then

Live in love and smile, Jesus loves you.



  1. LOL at no 3! No 4 is a life rule, once my mum and I almost missed our flight back. Omo see race that day sha!


    1. Lol, travelling brings out the athlete in us all,

      you're a john green fan yes? have u seen The Fault in Our Stars movie?

  2. osheyy traveller
    come back
    we miss you

  3. awww, baby girl

    i'll be back in 2 blinks